Weed Vaporizer

Small Weed Vaporizer Atmos RX Raw

The Atmos Raw is the perfect small weed vaporizer, it is extremely portable and discreet and works with dry herb(bud), oil and all types of hash. When using a vaporizer with weed there is very little smell given off in comparison to smoking, the vapor that is given off also dissapates quickly so it allows you to vape weed basically wherever you want. The pen is made in 5 different colors – black, blue, silver, green and purple all of which look very stylish.

All you have to do is grind up your weed, fill out the coil chamber and use the packer tool provided to pack down the bud. Then once you have screwed the mouthpiece and filter back on your good to go. A full chamber will do you for 2 or 3 good hits then you’ll need to refill it. Theres a small cleaning brush provided so you can be sure that your coil is always clean. With this small weed ¬†vaporizer its a good idea to suck lightly on the mouthpiece when hitting.

If this vaporizer is not for you, maybe you’d like something a little more technical like a Da Vinci portable vaporizer or even what could be the best vaporizer on the market, The Volcano.

  • Longlife Battery
  • Vaporizes Dry Weed, Hash And Oil
  • Colors – Black, Blue, Silver, Green and Purple

Where From? – Amazon

Price? Р£35.95