PUFFiT 2 Discreet Inhaler Style Vaporizer.

Here we have the extremely popular branded puffit vaporizer in blue, not only does this colour give it a stylish and classy finish but also makes it very discreet and gives it a classic medical inhaler effect for people who do not wish to share there vaping experiences with every one who sees inside of there handbags/pockets etc. This PUFFiT 2 vaporizer, when compared with the original PUFFiT vaporizer, really excels particularly with its new and improved thermal alloy heating chamber which has been specifically designed to produce more vapor. Battery swaps have never been easier than they are with the PUFFiT 2’s modular design making it perfect for people who have recently begun pocket sized portable vaping.

This puffit vaporizer is the same nearly the exact size of a medical inhaler. To keep things discreet it has a buzzer that tells you its heating up and a different buzzer to say that its ready to hit from. The puffin takes about around a minute or two to warm up. Its a single hitter, but does pump out a strong vapour hit, works best when inhales gently. Good for travelling, busy areas or even at work. You can get away with using this vaporizer no matter where you are.

Where From? – Amazon

Price? – £105.96