Atmos Dart Special Edition Vaporiser

Pen vaporizer for hash, wax, oil and dry herbs.

This dart pen vaporizer by Atmos is one way getting high discreetly as it is so small it can be hidden in the palm of your hand. The pen is shaped like a dart hence its name. It comes with an e-liquid and a dry herb cartridge, which you can get nice smooth hits from both. The dry herb/wax cartridge has a filter and a silicone mouthpiece. Possibly the smoothest most consistent pen vaporizer available today. To turn this vaporizer on or off you simply just tap the button 5 times and the pen will flash. So if your looking for a really small portable vaporizer that you can use to get high on the sly this could be the tool for you. For £29.95 this has to be on the the best value for money and could well be the most convenient pen vaporizer on the market today. If your after something a more expensive and technical you might want to take a look at what could possibly be the best portable vaporizer you can get, the Da Vinci.

  • Includes two advanced cartridges: Anodized heating chamber and liquid cartridge
  • Li-ion battery with patent pending spring-loaded connection
  • Includes a carrying case for vaping on-the-go
  • Developed and designed by AtmosRX
  • Where from? – Amazon
  • Price? – £29.95