Alivi8 Vaporizer

In the world of dry herb vaporizers, this has to be the most sleek, stylish and discrete option on the market. Available in a multitude of colours we bring to you the unique and portable Alivi8 Vaporizer. Not only does this well built portable vaporizer allow you to consume your favourite dry herbs safely, but it also requires no heat up time. This extremely convenient and fun to use. There is a groundbreaking and innovative cooling system that this particular vaporizer is completed with. This ensures that your herbs never make contact with the naked lighter flame.

By heating the cannabis to a temperature slightly below combustion, the vaporised cannabis has some health benefits on the lungs. This is because vaporizing is said to remove 95% of the badness produced by combustion. It has also been suggested that vaporising actually increases the amount of anti inflammatory terpenoids that protect the lungs from irritation. With dry herb vaporizers being a much more efficient way of using your cannabis than smoking, it is possible to save lots of weed over time making these things a true investment.

So if your interested in looking after your health, your money and your weed, dry herb vaporizers are the tool for you. If this is not enough maybe you would be interested in a medical grade volcano vaporizer which is the ultimate of all on the market today.

Where From – Amazon

PRICE: £35.99