Twist-Effect Stylish Plastic Bong /Water Pipe. Available in Various Colours.

A plastic bong is always a brilliant low-cost and effective way to get high for those on a budget, those who are just starting out smoking and those who simply love the look, feel and effects of a plastic bong in comparison to a glass bong. For those of you who are looking for a super-durable bong, an acrylic bong is the way to go for you. I would say that if your in to travelling around with a bong made from plastic is a wise move as they are basically unbreakable unless thrown against a wall or something, whereas a glass bong could break in your bag with ease.

These cool twist-effect acrylic bong are the perfect smoking tool for those of you who prefer a harder hit in comparison to smoking with rizzla/pipes etc. To get this bong into action, all you need to do is add water. Smoking has never been easier! Not only does this super-cool bong come in various colours and carefully stencilled, decorative, marijuana leaves, but is also one of our top sellers this season already! 

Which colour will you buy?

Where can you buy this Plastic Bong from? – Amazon

How much will this Plastic Bong cost you? – £8.80