Heated Germination Dome

Heated cannabis cloner

The Hydrofarm germination station is a cannabis cloner that creates the perfect environment for clones to root in.The dome has a sealable vent to protect the clones from any pests or outside temperatures, this vent can be opened at any point to increase or decrease the humidity and temperature. Clones root best at around 72 degrees fahrenheit so this dome comes with a heat mat included to make things as consistent as you would like. The mat is able to help create ideal or close to ideal environment inside the dome meaning a high clone success rate for even those who are just starting out. Simply take the clones by cutting suitable branches from a mother plant at a 45% angle, putting there stem into rooting cubes and placing them in the dome. Plug in the heat mat and away you go. You might want to try using Clonex Rooting Gel along with this dome for optimum results, Clonex will increase you success rate and will also increase the speed that the clones actually root. I would recommend taking a look at the cloning information on this site if you are new to growing or cloning.

  • Heat Mat Included
  • UL-listed waterproof heat mat, 17 watts, 120 volt
  • 2″ humidity dome
  • 11″ x 22″ watertight base tray
  • 72-cell seedling insert

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $28.60