Grow Room Sheeting

Black & white grow room sheeting for Growing Cannabis Indoors

This grow room sheeting for growing cannabis indoors will refect up to 90% of the light that hits it. The reflective sheeting is perfect for dangling over dull coloured walls to simply increase reflection which will in turn increase plant yield. This reflective sheeting could even be used to build a DIY grow tent or could stapled to the wooden beams in a loft or wooden frame to make a nice cheap growing space. For more on grow room building visit the grow room page on this site. This sheeting is made from a strong but thin plastic, one side is reflective white and the other is black. If you happen to be growing in a spare room you could use the black side to cover the window (along with using a blind, blatant blacked out windows look suspicious)


– This three-foot long folded roll unfurls to 10 feet wide and is waterproof and tear-resistant

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $81.78