Oscillating Grow Room Fan

16 Inch Oscillating Grow Room Fan

This premium quality Honeywell QuietSet 16″ oscillating¬†fan is perfect for stirring the air of any average 2 light grow room. The fact that this fan can be used by remote control means that it is brilliant when placed in tight spots of a grow room. It has 5 speeds to choose from including “white noise mode” which again is perfect for the grow room as we all know how important it can be to keep the grow room quiet. As your plants grow taller this fan can also be adjusted in height to suit the situation. It can be raised up to a maximum of 41″ which is plenty high enough for most indoor cannabis plants.

Manufactured in the UK

LED and Remote Control

5 Speeds/Levels of Quiet Control including “White Noise

Oscillation For Wide-area Air Stir

1, 2, 4 & 8 Hour Shut-Off Timer

Adjustable Height To Suit Plants, Up To 41”

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $46.34