Inline Fan Silencer

Inline Fan For Growing Cannabis Indoors

When growing cannabis indoors its a good idea to try your best to keep the grow room noise as low as possible, an inline fan silencer is one piece of equipment that will do just that. The high performance sound vibration absorbing foam lining is the key factor in reducing inline fan noise levels by up to 50%. Made from durable galvanized sheet and sealed with air tight tape this fan silencer is a great investment to a grow room ventilation kit. I can always advise going the extra mile when it comes to secrecy and security with growing cannabis as so much time and energy goes into growing good plants that its a shame to spoil it by being lazy with your confidentiality. These inline fan silencers are amazing tools that you undercover growers out there should be using.


– Flange: 6″

– Surface Material: Durable Galvanized Sheet

– Sound Absorbing Foam: Wave Crest Polyurethane Sponge

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $50.70