6 Inch Grow Fan Kit

iPower 6-inch Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter and 25-Feet Ducting Combo

The iPower 6 inch grow fan kit comes with a high quality iPower charcoal activated carbon filter with a cotton pre-filter included, 2 ducting clips and 25 feet of 6 inch ducting and the iPower inline grow room ventilation fan.

The iPower charcoal activated carbon filter is filled with high quality Australian virgin activated RC 412 carbon and is contructed with aluminium meaning this filter is 50% lighter than its competition. There are large mesh openings on the cylinder to allow for a highly effective scrub. This particular carbon filter will effectivley eliminate grow roomodours for up to 2 years allowing you to grow weed indoors without having to worry about anybody smelling your bud out.

The iPower inline duct fan has permanently lubricated bearings that require no maintenance, composite fan blades and center hub which helps reduce noise and vibration. It can be fitted almost anywhere making it the perfect grow room ventilationkit.

  • 6″ Inline Duct Fan – 430 CFM
  • 6″-25′ Non-Insulated Ducting
  • 6″ x 16″ Carbon Filter
  • Cotton Pre-Filter
  • US 110/120V Power Cord, pre-wired
  • Where from? – Amazon
  • Price? – $160.28
  • Reduced to – $67.87