NFT System

NFT systems are a brilliant choice for any cannabis grower who is looking to get a high number of plants in a small space, known as SOG growing (See the Vegging Page on this page for more sog info). With a hydroponic growing system that is as simple to use as this Nutriculture GT901 NFT System and the SOG method even inexperienced growers can get a mega yield from a small space. When growing cannabis indoors its super important that you look after your plants roots zone in order to get the big yields, with this NFT system this is as easy as ever due to the constant flow of water running over the roots. Because the only growing medium an NFT system requires is a medium sized rock wool cube, the risk of pests or diseases is a lot lower than it is with other hydroponic systems. For £113.19 this NFT system is priced fairly for anyone out there interest in the perks of growing cannabis this way.


211cm long x 48.5cm wide x 20cm high

80L tank

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – £113.19