Flood And Drain

Flood and drain hydroponics system.

This flood and drain hydroponics kit is one seriously efficient tool for growing cannabis indoors, this particular growing kit has all the necessary components to grow anythin up to 12 plants from its 2 foot by 4 foot tray. These flood and drain kits are also available in other sizes too so you can be sure to get a hydroponic system that fits your grow room like a piece to a puzzle. Growing cannabis indoors with this system is easy work with high rewards because of how simple it is to keep consistent PH and EC values. See more about PH and EC Here. A 20 gallon reservoir allows for enough nutrient solution to be stored to last quite some time making this flood and drain hydroponics kit perfect for a secret grow room that is left unattended for longer periods of time. in this system the plants roots are flooded periodically and then drained periodically, this is done with a water pump, an inlet valve and an exit outlet valve.

**Ebb And Flow Kit Includes**

Flood & Drain Fitting Kit

Clay Pebbles – 50 Liters by Viastone

Eco Plus 185 Pump

Black Poly Tubing

Grounded Multi Pin Timer

20 gallon Reservoir

43.5″x 25.75″x 7.5″ Black Flood Tray

Ten 1 gallon Nursery Pots

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $299.99