Coco-Coir For Cannabis

50 Liter Bag Of Cannabis Growing Medium – Organic Coco Substrate

Whether your a beginner or an expert at growing cannabis indoors, you might want to consider using Coco-Coir as your cannabis growing medium is probably the best way to go as it allows slight room for error, all of the full water hydroponic systems are very temperamental when it comes to light, temperature and the EC and PH of the nutrient solution. The price of the Coco-Coir on is not the best at $33.35 and would probably be a lot cheaper at a hydroponic store, the reason i have listed this is because CANNA’s Coco-Coir has been around for years and is a trusted product on the market. You might wan’t to take a look at some simular items.

Where From? – Amazon

Price? – $33.35