Aeroponic Grow System

6 Pot Aeroponic Growing System

Using an aeroponic growing system is one of the more efficient producs on the market for growing cannabis indoors. The plants roots can grow freely inside of the container as a light mist of nutrient solution is sprayed around. This system will provide the roots of your plants constant access to oxygen, nutrients and room. This kind of gives the plants a really good metabolism, usually resulting in a high yield. The Aerostar system has an anti-uv and anti-light barrier to prevent algae growing in the nutrient water, this is good because it won’t matter so much if you are late changing your water to fresh as it will kept cleaner than in most hydroponic systems. You will also be able to use slightly less nutrients with this system as it works so efficiently. The chances of a pest invasion are lowered as there is no growing medium for the bugs to live in. It is quite easy to transfer your plants from one aeroponic system to another which can be a bonus if your ever in that situation. Growing with this system requires some experience and time. If you think this system seems too complicated, or maybe you need something more customisable, a bubbler pot system or a dripper could be a better option for you.

**Full Aeroponics Growing System**

– 6 Pot.

– Anti-Light and Anti-Uv.

– High Yields.

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $199.95