Air Cooled Reflector

Apollo Horticulture GLRLS24 6″ Inch air cooled reflector

Using an air cooled reflector is one certain way to cool the temperature down in the grow room. Using one of these allows us to remove the heat produced by the light out of the room instantly. This makes keeping the perfect grow room environment for your plants is made a whole lot easier. Another benefit of using these cooling reflectors is that you can have your lights slightly closer to your plants. Not too close though as this could light bleach the plants. This refector is made from galvanised steel and german aluminium so you can rely on it strength and durability. This fan assisted reflector comes with one pair of V-hooks and an instruction manual and will take literally minutes to set up in your grow room. Bare in mind that when using one of these reflectors the light has to penetrate through glass before it gets to the plants reducing efficiency slightly. If you happen to be growing in a loft or small cupboard one of these reflectors could be very beneficial to you. Another way of cooling down your grow room is by using a portable air conditioner if your prepared to get a bit more technical.

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $62.95