600w HPS Grow Light

600 watt HPS grow light kit with Euro Reflector by Senua

Are you ooking for a cheap but dependable grow light kit for your indoor cannabis grow? This Senua 600 watt HPS grow light kit could be just the thing you need. It comes with a Premium Compact Ballast, a Euro light shade reflector that will cover an area of 3ft x 3ft when used with the 600 watt high pressure sodium bulb(lamp) and a pair of YoYo Easy Light Hangers. The hanger will help you to raise and lower the light. Keeping your 600 watt HPS light around 45cm give or take from the tops of the plants will give you optimal results. Lowering and raising the light to suit the plants couldn’t be any easier. Check out the Positioning your lights page to learn more about how to correctly position your light in the grow room. This HPS grow light kit is just £64.99 making it seriously great value for money. If your looking for something bit more efficient you can find dual spectrum digital ballasts on the market. You can find links to them here.

  • 600w Premium Compact Ballast
  • 600w HPS Lamp
  • Unisex
  • Euro Reflector
  • YoYo Easy Roller Hangers

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – £59.99