Reverse Osmosis Machine

iSpring RCC7 – 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Machine

For cannabis growing it is important that the water you give to your plants is of good quality, tap water contains many unknown chemicals which may be harmful to your plants and cause the PH and EC to fluctuate. In order to remove these unwanted dissolved solids a water filteration system is needed and theres no better way to flter water than by using a Reverse Osmosis Machine. This allows you to make a higher concentrated nutrient solution than you would beable to if you had used dirty tap water as there are less dissolved solids in the water to start off with. Maintaining the correct PH and EC at all times can be the difference between a good yield or a bad yield and this is something that many growers are lazy with or know nothing about it. Check theClick Here for more on this.

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