PH Test Kit For Cannabis

Liquid Drop PH Tester Kit – Range 4.0 – 8.5

This ph test kit for cannnabis is a cheap way of ensuring the PH of your hydroponic nutrient solution is correct. The test kit contains PH test fluid, test strips, sampling tube, reagent, and a color comparison card.

All you have to do is fill the sample tub 3/4 full of nutirient mix and simply add 2 drops of the PH Test Inidcator liquid to it, put the lid on the sampling tub and shake it up. Then compare the color of the nutrient mix with the color comparison card to get a PH reading. This takes all of about 20 seconds and will make a huge difference in final yield.

If you have read about hydroponics on forums you might have noticed that a lot of people struggling with burnt or darkened leaves, this is usually caused by an imbalance in the PH of the nutrient solution and is often overlooked by growers. Keeping the PH of your nutrient solution at 5.8 whilst growing hydroponically or at 6.2 when growing in soil will increase your yield and general plant health by a great fortune. If you have been growing and have not adjusted your PH values in the past you will be shocked to see the results you get from going that extra mile.

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Price? – $7.18