Hydroponic Timer

Hydrofarm – Grow Room Timer

The Hydrofarm 7 day digital hydroponic timer can be used to water your cannabis plants every day, every several days, or even several times per day. The timer can be switched on and off up to 8 times per day and has a backup battery to assures you stay on schedule after a power outage. This is the just the perfect tool for automating all different types of hydroponic growing systems. This hydroponic grow room timer allows the grower to leave the grow room for longer periods of time and still be confindent that their growing system is running smoothly. Putting your plants on the right feeding schedule will promote growth and in return will provide you with even more weed. These hydroponic timers are only $11.88 and they are well worth it considering how much they can potentially gain.

  • Comes In 15-Ampere, 120-Volt And 1725-Wattage
  • Backup Battery
  • LCD Digital Display Battery Backup Dual Outlet Feature
  • **Product Dimensions**
  • – 7.7 x 3 x 2 inches.

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $12.85