Grow Room Thermometer

Large Display Hydroponic Grow Room Thermometer

The Growers Edge Large Display grow room thermometer accurately measures the inside temperature and humidity of a grow room while also giving you a reading of the temperature and humidity levels on the outide. It has a Built in clock with a 12 and 24 hour time format, it will store the maximum and the minimum values for you. Using a good thermometer can really allow you to keep the environment right for your plants. By having a maximum and minimum temperature reading this thermometer allows you to work out how fast your fans need to be spinning, or if you need to turn down your lights or heater. Being able to track the humidity levels in your grow room can be beneficial in ruling out humidity issues if you happen to experience any problems with your plants. Having a good thermometer is basically a must when growing cannabis indoors. Especially if you want those big yields.

  • Measures indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity.
  • Stores the minimum and maximum values.
  • Waterproof temperature probe.
  • Comes with 1 AAA alkaline battery.


Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $17.71