EC Pen For Hydroponics

HM Digital EC-3 Handheld EC Tester For Cannabis

The HM DIGITAL EC pen is the perfect tool for a personal hydroponic grower, at $23.89 this pen is great value for money and will pay for itself with ease. This pen will accuratly read the EC levels of your nutrient solutiongiving you the opportunity to achieve a higher yield.This cannabis grow tent is made from strong metal poles that will uphole your grow tents frame and keep all the other equipment that is hanging from the ceiling nice and secure. The tents fabric is made from dependable thread and double-stitched fabric with maximized thickness acting as a barrier to help prevent any light or air leaks and to provide a well insulated grow room, it is also securely lined with light-proof and 100% reflective tear-proof Mylar so that creating optimal growing conditions is as easy as possible. There is a heavy-duty metal zipper that is secure, but opens easily for a convenient access point to your plants. All these features make this tent suitabe for anywhere from a spare bedroom to a cellar to a loft as they provide top quality growing conditions and can be assembled or taken down within minutes.


Where from? – Amazon

Price? – $23.72