Weed Leaf Socks


Check out these super cool Plantlife weed leaf socks. The socks are made from acrylic fibers that feature a padded, cotton foot which is designed to keep the foot area cool & dry for extra comfort. The socks have a weed leaf design embroided on them with 6 different color combinations to choose from.(white/black, grey/black, black/white)

One thing i like about these socks is that the material and style. They are lovely and soft to the touch, they make your foot feel like its floating around in your shoe and they look amazing compared to your average everyday sock. allows them to be worn casually or even to play sport in, the fact that there are 6 styles to choose from. These weed leaf socks are great for anyone who is lookin for some seriously stylish socks, or as a gift to a cannabis lover. The best thing is that these socks are a full on bargain at just £2.66 a pair. If your looking to kit yourself out in full cannabis gear then take a browse around this site or amazon for some great deals.

Machine washable



Padded Foot Area For Extra Comfort

Casual & Sport Wear


(UK 6-11 / EUR 39-45)

Where from? – Amazon

Price? – £2.66