THC in weed

THC in weed

Also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, the THC in weed is the major psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Basically, this is the main chemical that brings the psychological effects offered by marijuana. The way it works is simple, the cannabinoid receptors in our body will immediately be targeted by the THC in weed and the latter will attach to the receptors. As a result, it will start affecting the movement, pleasure and memory or even coordination for that person as fast as possible. This will leave to a state of wellbeing, albeit a temporary one.

But THC is one of the many components that can found in weed. However, this one is widely known due to the effects that it brings to the table. It can be found in the resin which gets secreted by the reproductive organs of the plant. However, you can also find these in other areas of the plant as well.

What type of effects are brought by the THC in weed?

As you can imagine, THC does tend to have multiple effects on your body. The most important one comes from the fact that it will make your brain cells release dopamine. This is the action responsible for that state of euphoria you encounter when you smoke weed. THC will also interfere with the way the information is processed within your hippocampus.

THC will also bring in front other effects like delusions and hallucinations. The total time these effects might last can be around 2-3 hours or so. Usually, the THC in weed will start taking effect almost immediately when smoked. When eaten, THC takes 1 – 2 hours to take effect, but will last a little longer this way than when smoked.

Side effects and risks

There are many side effects that are caused directly by the THC in weed. These can be a short term memory issue, anxiety and sedation. This is because THC activates the amygdala, which is the area of the brain that is responsible for fear. Luckily for us, the CBD chemical in weed and some other cannabinoids are known reverse these effects! There are 2 types of weed. Sativa and Indica, both have different effects on us due to THC/CBD ratios, you can learn more about that here.

In regards to the risks of marijuana, most researchers are concerned by the mental health problems that marijuana abuse can bring to the table. Studies have shown that the THC in weed can bring in major side effects for younger people. This includes cognition problems, a lower IQ and memory issues as well.

Is the THC in weed dangerous?

THC can be dangerous in extra large amounts, however if you consume it in a controlled manner it shouldn’t bring in any trouble. It’s important to talk with a specialist as that’s how you can figure out the best consumption rate to suit your needs. Make sure that you avoid the frequent consumption of high amounts, as results might not be that good and theres just no need for abuse. So, avoid using too much weed and instead take a careful approach towards it. The THC in weed can be dangerous if too much is taken. It can lead to anxiety, memory loss and many other issues. Yes, THC does bring in front some medical uses, but it can also be dangerous if used incorrectly. There is no death on record by THC intoxication.