Stoner Games

Im sure many of you have dabbled in a few stoner games throughout your weed smoking career. Some more than others. The aim of these weed smoking games is usually for everyone to have fun and get super stoned. Heres a list of my personal favourite games to play while high.

stoner games

“WEED!” Card Game

WEED! is a novelty card game that explores the fine art of growing pot plants. This is the stoner game of all stoner games and is definitely one of my favourite games to play while high. The aim of the game is to build up a huge crop whilst ensuring other participants don’t out-crop you. You can plant dandelions in other peoples gardens, steal their crop and bust them for possession. Watch out though, they can do the same things to you. This game is for 2-4 players. Although this game is great anyway, we like to add a little Delta-9-style twist to it. All participants are asked to throw in some weed to make a huge spliff. The winner of the game gets the spliff as their prize!

Dutch Marathon

One of the more popular stoner games there is, Dutch Marathon is by far one of my favourite games to play whilst high. Simply sit or stand in a circle, take a drag of the joint and hold back the drag – pass the joint around to the other players and don’t release the smoke until the joint is passed back to you. Last man standing gets a whole joint made from other players weed.

Super Hot Box

5 maximum people per car/game. All players must sit in a car and bring large quantities of weed. This is one of the stoner games that will put you to the test. Firstly, ensure all windows/doors etc are completely shut in the car. All players must light and smoke weed at the same time, without opening doors or windows. When someone needs fresh air, they are out of the game and must wait outside the car. They must remain standing up, no lying down or sleeping!


Named after the cannabis consuming legend that is Bob Marley, this game requires each player to roll an adequate sized spliff and play the Bob Marley song ‘Jammin‘ – Every time the word Jammin is said during the song, the players must take one drag of the spliff. Be quick though. The chorus of this song is pretty fast and part of it reads ‘were jammin, jammin, jammin, jammin and were jammin in the name of the lord’. As far as stoner games go, i would say this one is pretty intense.

Two Ounce Bounce!

The aim of the game is to roll a joint which is too big for you to handle alone, 2 people with 2 huge spliffs then bounce on a trampoline whilst smoking continuously – there is really no winner with this game, just get so high that you almost fly and don’t stop until you drop!
Please take care with this one, this is one of the more experience-needed weed smoking games.

Bong Rip Twister

You will need enough weed, a bong and the game “Twister“. This though, will not be your average game of twister. The rules are simple. Each time a player is unable to perform the move requested by the spinner, they have to take a big hit from the bong. Each time you fail you can simply take the bong hit to be re entered into the game. You can buy the classic Twister game at

stoner games

Let us know what your favourite games to play while high are in comments below.