indoor cannabis growing

Is Indoors Cannabis Growing Worth It?

Thinking of starting indoor cannabis growing yourself? Here we take a look at how much it costs to smoke weed for a year and how much it costs to grow that amount of weed.

In most parts of the world, the cost of cannabis is extortionate. The cost of one gram of weed is usually £10. If you buy one gram a day for a year, which many people do, you will have spent more than £3650. And if you were to buy ounces, you would end up buying 13 of them. At £180 each or more, it would would still cost at least £2340.

Cost Of Setting Up A Grow Room

If you wanted to start growing cannabis indoors yourself, and consistently yield 15 – 20 ounces of dried weed, you would need:

You would also need to power this grow room with electric. The cost of that depends on how much your provider charges you per Kw/h. Usually this kind of set up costs around £1.50 a day in electricity. If you were growing a strain that you vegged for 3 weeks and flowered for 9 weeks, it would be 84 days + drying time(cheaper). 84 days x £1.50 = £126 in electricity to run the whole grow.

Total Cost vs Reward From Indoor Cannabis Growing

So the total cost of setting up the grow room and growing the cannabis would be less than £700. For that £700 you would have 15 ounces or more of weed that you grew yourself. 15 ounces at £700 works out to be just under £47 each ounce. If broken down into grams, this amount of weed would cost £4260. It would also last well over a year of you smoked 1 gram per day. With weed you have grown yourself, you know that it has been looked after and there are no harmful chemicals or contaminations involved. That 15 ounces at £180 would also cost £2700.  You could easily fit 3 grows per year in if you needed to. You can easily fit 3 grows in per year, which is enough to supply a seriously heavy smoker.

So is indoor cannabis growing worth it? Yes if you want to get the best quality weed for the lowest prices, with the added satisfaction of it being your own.