Jorge Cervantes 10Ibs Huge Cannabis Plants

Check out these huge cannabis plants as Jorge Cervantes walks us around a 35 plant garden. These plants are 8-10 feet tall and produce 10 pound of dried bud each(4.5KG). Thats 350 pound(159KG) over the whole grow which is an incredible amount of weed off just 35 plants. The plants are grown organically for medical purposes. Cannabis plants that are grown organically have fewer insect problems and fewer mold problems. Organically grown plants are just  generally healthier than chemically grown plants.

Jorge informs us that the people who grew these huge cannabis plants come from years of experience. They are 2nd and 3rd generation growers. Growing a huge root system on your plants while they are young is a key piece of information to take from this video. Keeping the plant in the vegetation stage while trimming back the branches to keep the plant size down is one way of doing this. The root system and main stem of your plant will grow massive and the feeding system will be big enough grow those supersize buds.

Jorge has racked up over 30 years of experience in cannabis growing. He has written multiple books on growing cannabis indoors and outdoors including the all famous Marijuana Horticulture Indoor/Outdoor Growers Bible. This video was made whilst Jorge was doing research and writing the Cannabis Encyclopedia. The 2 books mentioned above can be found on for a fair price. if you are interested in growing huge cannabis plants these books will be worth every cent to you. There is so much to learn from Jorges knowledge and experience.

huge cannabis plants

Look here as Jorge stands between some of the plants which tower around him. Its understandable how these plants weigh in at 160 ounce of dry weed per plant.