growing weed indoors

Growing Weed Indoors – Common Questions Answered

When growing weed indoors you will need…

A place to grow

To begin growing weed indoors you could invest in a cannabis grow tent, convert a bedroom or loft space. You could even turn a wardrobe into a stealthy little place for your plants for just a few hundred pounds. This is providing that you have enough space and light to fulfil your needs. The grow room will need to be light and air sealed. There needs to be a ventilation hole close to the floor to bring in new air and a ventilation hole near the ceiling to send the old air out. Theres much more information about indoor grow rooms on the setting up a grow room page on this site.


A source of light. High Pressure Sodium lamps are the most common type of light used for growing weed indoors. This is due to them being a good all rounder and good value for money. Metal Halide and Fluorescent lamps are also used. Often by growers who like to change the type of light they are using based on what stage of the grow they are in. Take a look at the Positioning Your Light guide for information on how use a light to its full potential.


When growing weed indoors it is very important that you have good a ventilation system. High Intensity Discharge lights get very hot, especially as they are on for up to 18 hours of the day. A ventilation system that can deal with the size of the room and the amount of heat produce by the lights is required. Your grow room inline fans should be able to exchange all the air in the grow room within 5 minutes. A carbon filter on the exhaust fan is needed if the smell of weed escaping from your room is a problem. The Setting Up A Grow Room guide has a lot more information on ventilation and air movement.


It’s essential that you have access to water when growing weed indoors, cannabis plants use alot of of water throughout their life so having a source of good quality water near by is a 100% must. Reverse Osmosis Systems can be used to purify your water. Doing this is really good for your plants as it is much cleaner and it allows you to slightly raise the concentration of the nutrient solution.


If you wan’t your plants to last longer than a week or so your goin to need the nutrients that are required to keep them alive and thriving. Plants require different types of nutrients for different stages of growth. Making sure that you have a good range of nutrients from a credible company is something you should always remember before starting a grow. You can see a good amount of information about nutrients at the Vegetation and Flowering guides of this site.

A Medium

A medium is basically the material that your roots will be anchoring to. Soil and Coco-Coir are commonly used as a medium, but many indoor weed growers prefer to use Clay Pebbles in a hydroponic system. The Hydroponic Growing Systems guide might help somebody who is starting out a new indoor grow on deciding what system or method to use.


Most importantly you need a weed plant. You can start plants from Seed or clone, each of which have pros and cons. Although it’s much easier and safer to begin an indoor grow from seed many people prefer to use clones for a few good reasons. Check out the Seeds & Clones Info page if you’re unsure whether to use seeds or clones.


Where should i get my seeds or clones from?


In order get your hands on some clones you’re gonna have to ether buy them from another grower or take them yourself. Personally i think that buying clones from another grower can be risky due to the fact that some clones can carry pests and deseases into your grow room and you have to be able to really trust the person you got them off. There are also many good reasons to start a grow from clone, especially if you have taken them from a mother plant yourself. Theres more information on how to take clones here.


Some people like to use seeds that they have found in a bag of weed they bought. Although a seed from a bag of weed will grow you have a problem of having a lack of information about the strain such as the amount of time it takes to flower. I would highly recommend obtaining your seeds from a reputable seed bank if you do want to begin a grow from seed. You can order seeds online that will be deliverd in stealth packaging to where ever you want within a few day of you placing an oder, theres probably a headshop near you that sells a wide variety of seeds, but it stands a good chance that the prices will be ridiculous.


Why are my plants leaves turning yellow?

Your plant is sick…

There is a number of reason why the leaves of your plant may be turning yellow colour, patchy orange or some other colour that its not meant to be. It could be that you’re plant has some kind of nutrient deficiency, too much nutrients all together, under or over watering or it could be that the grow room has been invaded by pest. Although there are many factors that can cause discolouring leaves, the most common reason is due to nutrient deficiency which is usually caused by the PH of the nutrient solution ether too high or too low.


How long should i veg my plant for?

As long as you like…

The vegetation time of a weed plant grown indoors can be for as long a you want it to be. The way to make sure your plants are ready to go into flowering is to fill 75% of the width of the room you want to fill out before you switch over to the 12 hour cycle. See the Vegetation guide for information on how prepare a plant for flowering.


Is my plant ready to harvest yet?

It’s personal preference…

If you are growing from a seed that you bought from a reputable seed bank you should have an estimated flowering time on the packaging the seeds came in. Or if you want to get the harvest time to dead on to perfection you will need to use a 30x microscope to see the how many of the trichomes that have turned an amber colour. I would say 30-40% amber trichomes indicates that it’s time to harvest, you dont want to cut down too early, buds can double in weight over the last 2 weeks of the flowering cycle. Click here for a guide on this site should have everythin you need to know to master the flowering cycle when growing weed indoors.


What is Hydroponics?

Growing Plants without soil…

The meaning of hydroponics is to grow plants in a medium other than soil with nutrients added to it. Most indoor cannabis growers that grow hydroponically like to use clay pebbles and an oxygen rich nutrient solution, there are many different hydroponic systems available on the market today. If you want to know more about hydroponic systems check out the hydroponic setup page on this site.


Is it better to grow in soil or with a hydroponic system?

Both methods have their pros and cons…

If you are new to growing weed indoors then i would suggest that using Soil or Coco-Coir as your medium would be the better route to take for you, i say this because these meidiums are very forgiving when it comes to PH and EC adjusting. If you have grown cannabis plants indoors a few times already, but not hydroponically then i would advise you to try it out. When growing with hydroponic setups you can expect to see a reduced vegetation time and an increase in yield in comparison to growing organically, but be prepaired to be really taking care of things as best as you can, hydroponic growing can be very temperamental and require a lot of attention to detail. Click here for more information on hydroponic growing systems.

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