Considering turning some spare space into a great growing room? This was one of the first videos i ever came across when i began learning how to grow cannabis indoors. Everything you need to know to get yourself going is right here.

A Place To Build A Growing Room

To begin with you’ll need to ensure that the room you are using will not be entered by anyone who isn’t welcome. For instance, if theres a boiler in there that a gas man may need to check. It might be wise to find a safer place. Also take into account whether attached neighbours can hear vibrations through the wall etc.

Preparing The Space

Once you have found the ideal place put the growing room, you should clean the space thoroughly. Start by hoovering up dust and bits before spraying and wiping the walls with disinfectant. This helps prevent bacteria and fungus. Good preparation is important when it comes to growing cannabis indoors as plants thrive in a clean environment.

Getting Grow Equipment

Now its time to get some grow equipment. You can get everything you need from ether directly from a grow shop or online from various websites. If your growing room is a secret, it might be wise for you to stay away from the shops and buy online. This avoids face to face contact and eliminates a few of the risks within growing cannabis secretly. Buying grow equipment from Amazon or another huge company seems to be the best way. This is because market places of this kind have a wide selection of products at the most competitive prices. All products brought online will arrive in ordinary stealth packaging and can be delivered to the address of your choice.

Concealing The Growing Room

If your chosen space has a window, you should put up a set of blinds to stop anyone seeing what you have inside. Using wooden blinds with a bit of weight to them is a sensible idea. This will help keep them still if you have air passing through from a fan. If you are converting the whole room you should also board or sheet the widow up. Cut a hole in whatever you chose to use that is big enough to fit your extraction or intake ducting to. If you are using a grow tent this may not be necessary.

You will need somewhere to get fresh air from. Drawing air from another room in the house is usually the best way. The temperature from the air inside the house is more constant making it easier to maintain the correct environment in the growing room. Extracting your hot air into the house can create a warm, damp environment. This is not healthy for us humans or for the building itself.

Flood Protection

Using pond liner on the floor is a safe way to avoid leaks and spills damaging the building. You’ll be dealing with a lot of water and accidents do sometimes happen. Making a basin from wood as shown in the video is the easiest way to do this. Grow tents usually come with a built in basin.

Sealing The Growing Room

Anti detection sheet can be used on the walls and ceiling to mask the temperature difference, this is only necessary if thermal imaging cameras are a concern for you. Most grow tents are made from sealed, well insulated and reflective material. Using a tent usually saves money and time while also providing us with the extra security we need. If you are building the growing room as shown in the video, the use of reflective sheeting will increase the efficiency of the grow lights. Duct tape and staples are the best way to seal up the joints of the sheet. This ensures that there are no light leaks and that bacteria stays out of the way.

Installing The Growing Equipment

Now you have built your grow room you’ll need to install some lights. One 600 watt grow light will effectively cover a 4ft x 4ft area. Measure up your room and work out how many lights you will need. Click here for more light positioning information. Light rollers or chains can be used to hang the lights. Ether is good because they make it easy to adjust the height of the light as the plants grow.

Good air circulation is one of the most important things when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. Heat and moisture must be disposed of. To do this we use good quality extractor fans to bring in new air and remove old air. All air exiting the growing room must be filtered on the way out to stop the smell of weed from escaping the room. Your extractor fan and carbon filter should be hung from the ceiling because its warmer up there. Your intake fan should be placed close to the ground to create a fresh flow of air around the plants. Hanging your fans from bungee cords will minimise vibrations and sound from the fans. Your extractor fan with carbon filter connected should exceed the power of your intake fan to create a negative pressure. A negative pressure is your best friend when containing the smell of weed.

Water Supply

You’ll also be needing a water supply. A large water drum to mix and store nutrients will make growing your plants much more simple. So all you need to do is fill it up and add the nutrients once every so often. A water pump can be used to transfer the nutrient solution into your plant pots or hydroponic growing system.

The grow room will need to be fitted out with other electrical equipment. All electrical items such as plug sockets, light ballasts and fan speed controller should be attached to a place where water can not get to them.

growing room

Let us know any of your grow room thoughts and ideas in the comments section. Click here for more information on building a growing room.