Cannabis Grow Guide

Check out this cool instructional video of a cannabis grow guide by Nico Escondido from High Times Magazine. This video will show you how to build a room that will be perfect for growing cannabis indoors. How to grow in greenhouses and outdoors, how to locate and build a large scale or small scale grow room. In Grow Like A Pro, Nico is kind enough to reveal a few tips and tricks that come in handy to anyone interested in growing monster plants. Grow Like A Pro makes it clear on how to grow big plants and why they do the things they do, after watching this video you will be growing like a pro yourself… If you aren’t already that is.

Nico begins by showing us how to choose the perfect location for your grow room. He then goes on to build a grow room, install the plants and show us all the tricks and tips to grow like a pro. This video has to be one of the best cannabis grow guides that i have ever seen. Its up there with Jorge Cervantes’s guides and that guys a true legend in the Cannabis world. Click here to see a video of Jorge walking us around a garden with 35 huge Cannabis plants that weigh in at 160 ounces each when dried. He also gives us the secret to yielding so much from a single plant. Its definitely worth a watch, especially if your a grower.