best places to smoke weed

Best places to smoke weed

Looking for the best places to smoke weed? Cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world, but there are still many stoner friendly zones dotted around the globe. One of these 10 awesome places to get high could be your next holiday destination.


best places to smoke weed

10. Christiana, Denmark

Until August 31 2016, the small town of Christiana located in the centre of Copenhagen was a “green light district” for cannabis. There was a farmers market where you could buy top grade weed, hash, brownies and other cannabis beverages. The towns “no hard drugs” policy is to thank for what was a relaxed cannabis zone. All this came to end end when police tried to intercept drug dealer resulting in a shoot off. The locals immediately removed the stalls and request that users buy their cannabis from elsewhere. This is a true shame, lets hope the locals eventually put it behind them and allow the town to return to its true self.


9. Kingston, Jamaica

Jamaica is the home of one of the most notorious cannabis culture icons, the Rasta. Cannabis plays a huge role in the Rastafarian religion. It also goes hand in hand with Jamaica’s amazing scenery and laid back vibes. The Jamaican government has made the move towards decriminalising the possession of small amount for personal use, making it much easier for locals and travellers to get high in paradise. On the list of the best places to smoke weed, Kingston is definitely up there.


7. Czech Republic

On the subject of drugs, the Czechs are some of the most forward thinking people in Europe. Almost all drugs have been decriminalised, even Cocaine and Heroin. With Cannabis you can get away with having 15 grams on yourself as personal possession. Anything below this amount will only be confiscated and you’ll be let on your way. So although you can’t walk the streets of Czech blazing a big spliff, and it would be pain if you happened to get your weed confiscated, it is certainly worth a visit if you love the pot.


6. Cusco, Peru

Cusco’s attitude towards small amounts of cannabis is pretty forward, as long as you are not carrying too much the local police will leave you alone. If you do happen to visit Cusco just be aware that it is a criminal offence to carry more than one type of drug at a time and the police are quite strict on this. So if you do go to Cusco just be a wise guy and stick to your greens. The beautiful scenery and easygoing people make Cusco one of the best places to smoke weed in the world.


5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The majority of Cambodians don’t care if your getting stoned, and cannabis is super easy to get your hands on over there. Although weed is still illegal, if you are caught with it a small bribe will more than likely get you out of trouble. Be sure not to venture into neighbouring Thailand with your stash as it could end up being your ticket to prison.


5. Denver, Colorado

The first city in the USA to fully legalise recreational cannabis was Denver in the state of Colorado. Since then the city has become the Cannabis capital of america. As long as your are 21 or older and have valid ID you can purchase up to 7 grams at one time. Smoking Cannabis is only legal if you are on private property and have permission from the owner.  Be sure not to walk around the streets blazing your weed as this could get you into some trouble.


4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona could well be the ultimate holiday for anyone looking to get high in the beautiful Spanish sun. Although Cannabis is technically illegal there, they do annually host Spannabis and the High Life Expo. Smoking your bud is tolerated providing your inside one of Barcelona’s Cannabis clubs. Luckily its pretty safe to smoke on the sandy beaches too, you may even get approached by a Cannabis salesman. Just bare in mind that only possession is decriminalised, using it publicly is an offence.


3. Canada

Canada is known for its friendly people, great landscape and grade A Cannabis. Medical Marijuana is legal there, however recreational use is not. The police generally turn a blind eye providing you have 7 grams or less. So as long as your being sensible you should be able to enjoy Canada to the full.


2. Nimbin, Australia

Although Cannabis is illegal in Australia, there is just one small town called Nimbin. The town is located in eastern Australia just a coach ride away from Byron bay. The town was settled by hippies in the 60’s and has since flowered into a beautiful cannabis town. Nimbin is a popular destination for tourists who want to get baked in the Australian sun. If your looking for the best places to smoke weed, Nimbin will live right up to its expectations.


1. Amsterdam

This has to be one of the best places to smoke weed. Amsterdam is the renowned holiday destination that every true cannabis enthusiast talks about, hears about and must visit during their life. It is the heart of cannabis culture, and is visited repeatedly by many. Amsterdam is quite a small compact city which houses over 200 coffee shops, all of them have their own cannabis menu leaving most visitors spoiled for choice. There are shops all over the city selling bongs, pipes, rolling papers and many other souvenirs such as Magic Truffles and LSA seeds. Cannabis in the Netherlands is technically illegal, but is accepted under a policy of tolerance. Possessing 5 grams or under in public is OK. Smoking should be done in coffeshops or at least out of the public eye and nose for respect purposes.


Delta9cloud Green Room

I had to add this to the list. The Delta9cloud green room is one of the main smoke zones for my friends and family. With a wide selection of music from Soundcloud and Youtube, a comfy chair and a heater, this place has to be my actual personal favourite. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night, it’s perfectly OK to smoke weed in there without anyone hassling me. Theres fridge and a kettle located just down the stairs and a bed in the next room. Its a true shame that i can’t open the Green Room to the public as I’m sure you’d all love to get high beneath my Sensi Seeds poster and my girlfriends trippy artwork.