How To Dry Cannabis

A step-by-step guide on how to dry cannabis effectively optimising both strength and yield.

Knowing how to dry cannabis the right way is as important as knowing how to grow it properly, if you intend on having top quality buds as your final product. Cannabis plants during the drying stage usually give off a strong odour. It is essential to have your extractor fan and carbon filter creating a strong negative pressure. Using latex gloves when touching Cannabis plants during the drying stage is highly recommended to keep your skin clean and odour free.

Where To Start

Cutting cannabis from the base of the plant is a time effective way to trim your plants. However, it is important to remember that if you cut the cannabis plant from the base, you will need to be quick to trim them correctly, leaving plants that have been trimmed from the base for too long can result in soft and droopy leaves, making them more difficult to trim. Another reason to trim one branch at a time is because branches that are drying individually with a small gap in-between are less likely to develop mould.

How to trim Cannabis

  1. Hold the branch you wish to trim in one hand.
  2. Begin trimming leaves ensuring you are not cutting off any of the buds.
    The most effective method for trimming cannabis is to start at the bottom of the branch, carefully trimming upwards.


You can trim your Cannabis over a bucket or a large sheet of plastic to catch the leaves. If you wish, you can collect the leaves and use them to make hash, CBD Oil or Cannabutter etc.


How to dry Cannabis

You will now need somewhere to hang your drying cannabis. The method that I prefer is to tie a piece of string from one side of the room, to the other side of the room (similar to a washing line),  then hang each branch from the string. You should ensure that the branches aren’t touching to prevent uneven drying and mould occuring.

If you follow the step-by-step guide above, your final product should look similar to the image below.

Where To Dry Cannabis

I would recommend drying cannabis in the same room that it grew in. You will already know how to control temperature in this room. It is important that if you chose a room that is not specifically a grow room, you are able to control the temperature and humidity inside it.


Temperature To Dry Cannabis

The temperature of the room should be approximately 18-20ºC, this the most effective temperature for retaining maximum amounts of psychoactive THC. If you are using a fan speed controller, ensure that the extractor fan is running low idol speed and a maximum temperature of 20ºC. If you don’t have a fan speed controller then you should use an electrical oil filled radiator to maintain the recommended temperature. It is vital that you have a thermometer hanging at the same level as the buds you can effectively maintain temperature.

If possible, have an oscillating grow room fan circulating the air, but not blowing directly on the buds as this will make them dry unevenly. Keep the room dark while the buds are drying. Light on Cannabis plants whilst in the drying stage degrades THC and will lower the potency of the final product by a substantial amount.


How Long To Dry Cannabis

After approximately 10-15 days of drying, the branches will no longer bend however they should snap, meaning that the weed is dry and is now ready to smoke. At this point the bud might have a hay like smell, this is completely normal. If you would like to get rid of this particular smell in exchange for the classic sweet-marijuana smell, simply lower the temperature of the room and continue to leave the bud out in open air.


Curing / Even Drying

Now you are ready to cut all of the buds off the stems. I would advise placing buds into paper bags for a while because it’s quite common for buds to sweat and lose smell if put in an air tight container this early on. When you are 100% sure that they are evenly dry throughout you can put all the buds into masonary jars or sealed plastic foodbags, doing this will prevent the buds from becoming too dry. Place the jars or bags in a cool dark place and open them for 10-15 minutes once or twice a day. when learning how to dry cannabis people often forget this last step.

Happy Growing