When germinating cannabis seeds you will need…

2 Plates or 2 saucers.

Kitchen towel or tissue paper.

Small amount of water.

Marijuana seeds.

Start by…

Layering one of the plates with a few layers of wet kitchen towel or tissue, drain any excess water from the plate if necessary.

Place each seed on top of the wet kitchen towel, giving each seed as much room as possible.

Place another few layers of wet tissue on top of the seeds, again make sure there is no excess water, you don’t want a puddle in there.

Lastly, cover everything with the second plate, place it on top of the first one upside down to form a sort of shell. This will create a dark, moist environment perfect for germinating cannabis seeds.

Now wait…

Within a few days the seeds should begin to split and show a little white root, it is most common for this to happen in around 72 hours, but in some rare cases can take from 10-14 days.

Once a few millimeters of root have sprout from the seed, they should be transferred into the growing medium.(Soil, coco or rockwool ect)

Make a small hole in the growing medium, only around twice as deep as the seed so that it can sit around 3mm beneath the surface

Now get the seed and carefully place it into the hole with the root end pointing down and cover it with a small amount of growing medium to block the light from getting to the seed, but not so much that the seed will struggle to break through the surface. If you are using rockwool cubes i suggest ripping a tiny peice off the corner of a cube and placing it over the hole.

Life begins…

Now for the fun part of germinating cannabis seeds. Around 24 to 72 hours after the seed has been planted it should start to show its first signs of life by emerging to the surface where the shell of the seed will fall off leaving a tiny set of leaves to absorb light and begin to grow. Your plant will now need to be transplanted into a pot or a hydroponic system, to do this simply fill your plant pot or net pot with the meduim you wish to use, in the centre of the medium create a hole just big enough to bury the cube that your seedling is planted in. Put the plant into the hole then fill around the edges so the cube is anchored into place, cover the cube with medium as soon as the plants stem is tall enough to keep the first set of leaves about 2cm above the medium. This is the point where i believe the vegging stage begins.

A baby plant should be given access to 18 hours of light per day as soon as it emerges, keep hot HID grow lamps very high up so that there is no direct heat at all on the plant as they can burn very easily at this young age.

After around 7-10 days you should lower the light until it is about 50cm away from the seedling, you will need to move it up as the plant grows into it.

Try to keep the grow room around 27ºC and quite humid.

For the first week of the plants life it will need around 0.5ml of fertiliser per litre of water.(Based on most fertilisers sold in hydro shops. They usually advise 4ml per litre on the bottle, but this is often far too much and will burn the life out of a baby plant.)


Germinating Cannabis Seeds In Water

The video below explains how to germinate cannabis seeds in less than 3 days by submerging them in a cup of distilled water for 2 days, then using the paper towel and plate method afterwards. Using a combination of the 2 methods gives you a good chance of getting a 100% success rate as you will see in the video.