Cloning Cannabis

You will need…

When cloning cannabis its always wise to go the extra mile and use the correct tools.

A sharp razor blade or very sharp scissors.

A shot glass or something simular.

Growing medium. (Rockwool cubes are best i believe)

Humidity dome.

Rooting hormone. (I advise clonex)

Spray bottle with high quality water. (must be very clean)

Rubbing alcohol. (advised for cleaning tools)

A plant to take clones from. (mother plant)

Where to begin…

Feed the mother plant Ph adjusted clean water for 3 days before you want to begin cloning cannabis from it. This is important because it gets rid of any nitrogen in the plant that will retard rooting.

just before you take the clones you will need to prepair and pre-soak the growing medium that you are using in PH5/PH6 water. Rockwool cubes are easiest medium to work with when cloning plants.

If you are not using premaid cubes then you will need to make holes in the top of the medium around the same size as the stem of the clones you are going to take.

I advise that you use rubbing alchohol to steralize all your tools and hands as unrooted clones are very susceptible to fungus, diseases and viruses.

Pour your rooting hormone into your shot glass untill it is 2-3cm up the glass.

While cloning cannabis you must remember to work quickly, but carefully. When you cut the clone from the mother plant you need to get it into the rooting hormone quickly so that no air can be pulled into the stem.

Be carefull to not cut yourself when using sharp a sharp blade or scissors.

Method of cloning cannabis…

Choose a small branch from your mother plant, around 3 to 6 inches long with at least one leaf internode. (A leaf internode is where a leaf shoots from the stem.)

Use a sharp blade or scissors to make a 45 degree angle cut through the branch you chose. (See images below for a clearer explanation) Make this cut as quick and clean as you can.

Quickly insert your clone into the shot glass off rooting hormone, leave it in there for a few seconds before carefully placing it into the hole in your rockwool cube or other grow medium.

Lightly push the sides of the grow medium up against the stem of the clone.

I advise that you take a few more clones than you plan on using just incase some are weak or die. It’s always good to have a backup.

400 watt lamp will cover a 3x3(ft) pace. A 600 watt lamp will cover a 4x4(ft) space. A 1000 watt lamp will cover a 5x5(ft) space.

400 watt lamp should be kept 30cm(1 foot) away from the plants canopy. A 600 watt lamp should be kept 45cm(1.5 foot) away from the plants canopy.

1000 watt lamp should be kept 60cm(2 foot) away from the plants canopy.

A useful method to ensure the distance from light to plants is sufficient is by putting the back of your hand underneath the lamp for 30 seconds, if it’s too hot for your hand it’s too hot for the plants. Click here for more on this.

While the lights are on the room temperature should be 25-27ºC, while the lights are off the room should be 20-22ºC.

The grow room will need 1 medium sized oscillating fan(around 12-16 inch) for every 2 lights used, the fan should blow in the gap between the lights and the plants canopy, do not blow a strong wind directly at the plant as this will cause the leaves to dry out and hinder growth.

An intake fan and an exhaust fan with enough power to completely exchange all the air in the room within 5 minutes. A 5 or 6 inch exhaust fan(depending on model and heat being produced) per 2 meters squared(2 400 or 600 watt lights) with a suitable intake is usually adequate.

It is very IMPORTANT that your exhaust fan with a carbon filter connected can move more air than your intake fan to create a negative pressure in the grow room. If the intake fan brings in more air than the exhaust can take out you will 100% have issues with the smell of weed escaping the room for anyone and everyone to sniff out. A carbon filter will reduce the amount of air a fan can move by 30%, take this into account when measuring the CFM ratings of the 2 fans. A fan speed controller can be used to ensure the correct temperature and a negative pressure is maintained. I advise you to spend a little extra money on a good quality carbon filter as a cheap budget filter will not fully clean the air that passes through it, this is especially important in the flowering stage as the odours given off by maturing cannabis buds are extremely strong and distinctive.

cloning cannabis
cloning cannabis

Now you need to root the clones…

Once all your clones are in the grow medium you need to place them into the humidity dome, lightly mist them and the clear roof of the dome. If your dome has vents it would be ideal to have them open just slightly, if there are no vents it would be a good idea to poke a few holes in the roof of the dome with something like a red hot knife.

With the clones in the dome they now need to be put under a fluorescent light for 24 hours a day. 18 hours of light per day is enough, but i advise you go the full 24 to be safe. If you do decide to use a HID light you will need to keep the light at least 4 to 5 feet away from the dome to avoid killing your clones. Fluorescent lights are perfect for cloning cannabis due the amounts of heat they give.

Remove the dome for 5 minutes once or twice each day to refresh the air inide the dome. Check the dome regularly to make sure it has not dried out inside, condensation on the dome indicates that things are going well. If the dome does happen to be drying out you should give the clones and the dome roof a quick mist of water.

Remember to make sure that the grow medium is wet, not so wet that there are puddles in your tray though, this could easily cause the stems of your clones to rot.

After around 7 days you can begin to check if your clones have rooted, to do this you can simply take off the dome lid and leave the clones in open air for an hour or 2, if the clones do not droop and wilt within this time they more than likley have enough root development to support themselves. If the clones do happen to wilt then you should mist them, replace the lid and try again in a day or 2. It can be harmful to a plant to be misted and left inside the dome if it already has roots. Cloning cannabis can take up to 3 weeks to root depending on the strain you are using and how good your are at the taking and rooting process.

If you notice that the lower leaves of the clone/plant are turning yellow and dying theres no need to worry, this is just the plant feeding off its old growth to sustain life, do not remove any dying growth until the plant is well rooted, this could cause it to starve and die.

When the clones have completely rooted it is time to move them into a big pot or hydroponic setup.

Remember that…

Cloning cannabis plant is very easy once you have abit of experience, just remember to do things properly and things will go your way. By using distilled water your success rate should dramatically increase, especially if the water from your tap is low quality.

This is only one of the many methods you can use to take and root clones, but this is the method i advise to people with little or no experience at cloning to use as its the cheapest and most simple way to go about this process.