Cannabis Plant Stages

These photographs of the cannabis plant stages were taken every 7 to 10 days and are not dead on accurate by the week.

8 Rooted UK Cheese Clones

These rooted clones are ready to be put into 20L pots full of coco-coir.

Vegging Week 1

After around a week of being in the vegetative stage the plants have grown slightly and have been topped to create more shoots and promote horizontal growth.

Vegging Week 2/3

At 2 to 3 weeks of vegging the plants have multiple shoots, they are getting nice and wide and are all growing fairly evenly.

Vegging Week 3/4

After around 3 to 4 weeks of vegging these cannabis plants are doing really well for themselves, they have multiple tops and look really healthy. A SCROG net has been placed over the plants with the tallest branches poking through the net holes just and inch or 2.

Flowering Week 1

After around a week has gone by the plants have grown a fair amount more than usual because they are entering the stretching phase. Most strains of cannabis plants stretch during the first 14-21 days of the light cycle being on 12/12. This is the most noticable part of all the cannabis plant stages.

Flowering Week 2

Around 2 weeks into the flowering stage and the buds have began to form nicely as white clusters of hairs get noticabley bigger every day. It is around this time that the plants will slow down the stretching and begin to put more energy into forming big oily buds.

Flowering Week 3

On the 3rd week of flowering the buds begin to smell very weedy and have a slight sticky feeling to them, they are still soft and look really pretty close up.

Flowering Week 4

The smell of Uk Cheese is blatent when you rub a bud or THC coated leaf. The buds are still soft but have grown a noticable amount. Out of all the cannabis plant stages heres where you need to be on your guard. Contain that smell!

Flowering Week 5

The image for the 5th week of flowering is missing. This is the point where the buds begin to feel harder and start to swell up.

Flowering Week 6

By now the buds should be filling out and hardening off, they might look n smell good, but over the last 7th, 8th and possibly the 9th week of flowering the buds could grow up to double in weight due to growing and become more dense.

Flowering Week 7

The buds haven’t quite grown to their full size yet, the leaves still have a lot of green color in them and the are no amber trichomes.

Flowering Week 8

The pale yellow leaves indicate that the plats are flushed, the buds are swolen and some of the trichomes have turned amber, these plants are ready to harvest. These plants ended up taking 8 and half weeks to finish.

Drying Cannabis Buds

Now for the last of the cannabis plant stages. The buds have been cut and hung upside down from the SCROG net, the have been spread apart evenly to prevent mould and promote even drying. Learn more about harvesting and drying here.

The Dry Buds

9 days later the buds are ready to be snipped from the stems and placed into curing jars. Although the buds seem nice to smoke and will get you stoned, curing them properly for even just one extra week will make a huge difference in flavour and smoothness when smoked. For more information on how to dry cannabis buds click here.