Cannabis Plant Species

Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Ruderalis

There are 3 different cannabis plant species, they are known as Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis. Most people have heard of Indica and Sativa, but not many know of Ruderalis. Each of the species has different characteristics in growth, scent and effect when consumed. Below is some background information on each of the 3 species.

cannabis plant species


Indica plants origionate from Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Indicas are usually short and stocky plants with dense, heavy buds that tend to give off a very pungent odour. Indica plants produce alot of nodes very close together along their stems, these nodes are where branches, leaves and buds will grow from. The buds of and Indica plant grow in dense clusters with short internodal gaps between each cluster. Indicas are fast flowering varieties that often complete the flowering cycle in as little as 45-60 days. When the flowering cycle begins Indicas tend to grow rapidly and may be expected to increase by 50%-100% in height , but are usually easy to keep under control. The effect a person experiences when smoking an Indica strain is generally known as a ‘body stone’, they can expect to feel tired, laid back and relieved of aches and pains.


Most Sativa varieties come from the equatorial regions such as Mexico, Thailand and Jamaica. Sativas grow tall and skinny with buds that run along the branches of the plant with large gaps between each one. Sativa buds tend to be bigger than Indica buds, but will often weigh less due to having less density to them. The buds a Sativa plant produces have a weaker smell than the ones produced by an Indica when growing and when they are dry. The biggest difference between Sativas and Indicas is that Sativas have longer flowering cycle that can take anywhere from 60-90 days and usually require a shorter veg time. Sativas will stretch up to 200%-300% of their original size once engaged in the flowering cycle. When smoking Sativa strains a person can expect to feel high, energetic and giggly. Audio and visual senses are enhanced, they may hear certain sounds in music that they never noticed before and see things in a brighter or different way than usual.


Ruderalis is a cannabis plant species that origionates from Central Russia. Ruderalis plants usually grow very small and do not produce alot of bud, but are known to withstand much harsher climates than Indica and Sativa plants. Ruderalis plants produce their buds based on how old they are rather than the light cycle(photoperiod), this is the reason they are known as ‘Autoflowering’ plants. Ruderalis plants are rarely grown for recreational use due to having a low THC content, but are common with medical users because of the high levels of CBD they have. Many breeders are using Ruderalis for its Autoflowering characteristics and reputation for its resistance to insects and disease.