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Check out the free Information about Growing Cannabis Indoors.

How To Grow Cannabis

If your looking for a free guide on how to grow cannabis thats easy to follow, this could be the right place for you. Here i have made a list of pages designated to each stage of an indoor cannabis grow.

Theres a page explaining the characteristics of the three cannabis species, Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. Maybe the height of your grow room is low and you could do with growing short bushy plants. Would it be wiser for you to grow a less pungent smelling strain? You might find that growing autoflowering plants are suitable to your situation.

Would you prefer to grow in soil, coco-coir or maybe a full hydroponics setup. I have put together a pros and cons list of the most common systems used for growing cannabis indoors. Some systems require more maintenance than others, some will yield higher than others.

Learning how to grow cannabis can be hard if your sources of information are not accurate. I have made individual guides to help you start cloning or germinating seeds, growing the plants and drying the buds. Inside the vegetation and flowering guides is a bit of information on plant training. Learning to SCROG is worth every minute of your time if your interested in higher yields.

Knowing how to grow cannabis takes time and experience. Its not very often that people set a grow room and get super results on their first ever grow. I hope the information i have provided on this site can be a help to you. You might want to check out the Grow Like A Pro video by Nico Escondido. You could also learn some tips on massive yields from Jorge Cervantes‘s video where he shows us some 160 ounce huge cannabis plants.


how to grow cannabis
how to grow cannabis
how to grow cannabis

Plant Types/Species

There are 3 different species of cannabis plants, they are known as Indica, Sativa and Ruderalis…

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Positioning Your Light

When growing cannabis indoors it’s very important that you make the most of your your light.

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Taking Clones

Learn the simple but effective way to take and root clones from a cannabis plant.

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Harvesting And Drying

This is an easy to follow guide to one of the most traditional methods of harvesting cannabis

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Hydroponic Setup

Which hydroponic setup is best for you? Do you prefer high yields or low maintenance.

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Seeds And Clones Info

Info to help you decide whether you want to begin to raise your plants by germinating seeds or using clones.

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Vegetation Stage

The plants should be receiving 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness each day at this stage.

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Cannabis Growth Stages

A diary of 8 indoor UK Cheese plants with photographs.

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Setting Up A Grow Room

How to correctly set up a small Grow Room.

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Germinating Seeds

Learn how to germinate cannabis seeds using household items, but still get a high success rate.

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Flowering Stage

The plants should be receiving 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness each day at this stage.

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PH & EC. What are they?

Learn about PH and EC and how they effect the final yield.