growing cannabis indoors

Growing Cannabis Indoors

The cost of Cannabis, for people who purchase from a street dealer, can be extortionate and extremely bad value for money. Not only can it be costly, but the strains advertised to you by the dealer are not always accurate. They are often not as strong as you are told ether. After all, someone is marketing a product in order to make a profit and you are the customer. If you aren’t educated on cannabis, the probability of you being able to distinguish between strains, is unfortunately quite low.

In order to help combat the problem addressed above I have created this website. An easy to read and most importantly, completely free, indoor growing guide. My aim is to provide information for people to gain enough knowledge in order to successfully grow cannabis and achieve a respectable performance every time.

Growing cannabis indoors is relatively straight forward however there are certain tasks, at crucial times which have to be carried out in order to achieve the best results possible. Setting up a grow room correctly is essential. The grow room is the plants environment, think of this in the same sense that plants we see outside require a certain environment in order for that type of plant to grow. Tending for a cannabis plant at all stages of life is not the where your job as the grower will end, you will also need to know how to harvest and dry the buds.

With the correct knowledge and equipment you can consistently yield 500-600 grams per plant, per grow. For my personal top tips on how to achieve these results take a look at the Indoor grow guide on this website.

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Topping Cannabis Plants

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